Other mandates

In order to be able to perform their Supervisory Board duties properly, the Supervisory Board members have to devote sufficient time to these activities. This means that the individual Supervisory Board members can only have a limited number of other duties over and above their Supervisory Board activities. The Supervisory Board members of HSH Nordbank have the following number of other Supervisory Board mandates at other companies:

Supervisory Board member No. of other mandates (as of 31/12/2016)
Dr Thomas Mirow 2
Peter Axmann 2
Stefan Jütte 1
Dr Rainer Klemmt-Nissen 4
Dr David Morgan 4
Dr Philipp Nimmermann 4
Elke Weber-Braun2

Detailed information on the Supervisory Board’s activities in 2016 can be found in the Report of the Supervisory Board.