UP° Unternehmer Positionen Nord


We are strong partners for SMEs with expertise and commitment for all matters relating to finance – and beyond. With our initiative “Unternehmer Positionen Nord”, or UP° for short, we support our SME clients with comprehensive, up-to-the-minute information at  www.unternehmerpositionen.de and regularly at events – always with a clear focus on entrepreneurs and their view of things.

Whether it’s interest rate increases in the US, higher oil prices or the failure of TTIP, the energy turnaround in Germany or discussions on inheritance tax – on our website readers will find the latest data, analyses and assessments by our Research team under Dr Cyrus de la Rubia. In addition, we offer articles by experts, comments by well-known journalists and regular interviews with such opinion leaders as Professor Thomas Straubhaar. Our website furthermore offers studies by leading economic institutes on sectors, markets and economic trends – always from the point of view of SMEs and tailor-made for our clients.

Another pillar of UP°: our events, where in 2016 we once again discussed a wide range of issues. We talked to experts about Big Data and the question as to the opportunities these huge quantities of data have for companies. We debated such controversial issues as “Global climate protection – motor or economic killer?” And we discussed Europe – following Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as the new US President – in times of uncertainty and how entrepreneurs can react to the current crisis. Always involved: incisive experts from economy, politics and society.

For example, our list of prominent guests includes the former IBM Chief Technologist Officer and best-seller author Professor Gunter Dueck, Regine Günther, Director General for Politics and Climate at the IMF, former Federal Minister Professor Peer Steinbrück and the Head of the Munich Security Conference, Professor Wolfgang Ischinger. Just as important as the meaningful presentations and discussions: face-to-face meetings – with the guest speakers and the senior management of HSH Nordbank.

And closing the circle: detailed reports on these events can be found at  www.unternehmerpositionen.de, together with background information and interviews with experts. But you can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook – with these social media channels we have significantly increased the range of our content once again.