Milestones 2016

  • CLEARER OUTLOOK FOR THE FUTURE: Following the EU Commission’s final decision in the state aid proceedings, the underlying conditions of the change in owner­ship, scheduled to take place in 2018, have now been set.
  • OPERATIONAL STRENGTH DEM­ONSTRATED: New business worth €8.9 billion demonstrates our competitiveness and shows that our business strategy is working.

  • STRUCTURES FURTHER IMPROVED: We are systematically working to improve our internal structures. Our aim has been to become more reliable, faster and more accurate, all the while maintaining clear cost control. We have succeeded in doing so.

  • LEGACY ASSETS REDUCED: In 2016, we wound down legacy assets amounting to about ten billion euros in EAD (exposure at default), with five billion euros through the portfolio transfer agreed with the EU to the AöR (Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts, institution under public law) of the federal states. And roughly as much again through our ongoing wind-down programmes.